To provide the unconditional love of a family through a transitional living program that will prepare emancipated foster youth for independent living and empower them to become productive, responsible, and independent members of their community.

What is the Phased IN project?

Phased IN is a transitional living program for emancipated foster youth. The goal of Phased IN is to assist these young adults in learning basic life skills that will prepare them for independent living.  Phased IN will provide housing, education, medical care and life skills training. With the combined partnership of the church, the community, and the State of Texas, Phased IN will embrace these youth who were never adopted to ensure that these young adults achieve self-sufficiency and stability. Finally, Phased IN will provide the most vital and missing dynamic in the lives of these young adults – Family.


1,500 youth "phase out" of the foster care system each year in the state of Texas alone.  Half of those young people will be homeless after their 18th birthday.  About the same number will enter a life of drug or alcohol addiction. Many of the girls will end up pregnant before their 20th birthday. 

It has become such an epidemic that the prison systems of America base their future population on the number of youth who "phase out" of foster care.


Through the committed participation in the lives of foster youth phasing out of care, we will empower them to understand that their past does not define their future.


Phased IN currently has campuses located in Wichita Falls and Arlington, Texas.

The original and visionary Phased IN Wichita Falls campus can house 7 female residents in our campus dormitory.   

The Phased IN Sunrise campus in Arlington is currently under construction. It will be able to house 10-14 female youth upon completion.