Is Phased IN the right place for me?

Applying to Phased IN is not a commitment to come. It just means you want to check us out. You'll have the opportunity to interview the staff (we'll get to know you too) and even tour the campus if you like before making your decision. Talk to your caseworker or PAL coordinator about applying for your SIL options and have them follow the process below.

Application Process

To get started, we'll need a few things first.

Caseworkers and PAL Coordinators should send the following DFPS documents to SIL Coordinator Larry Burgess at

  • 2087ex
  • 2605

If approved for SIL placement, Larry Burgess will send you form 2529.

You can then submit the following completed forms to the Phased In Application Coordinator @

  • 2087ex
  • 2605
  • 2529

Once the application packet has been reviewed, the caseworker will receive the 2529 from Phased IN stating whether or not the application is accepted. Please allow up to three business days.
If the application packet is accepted, the Phased IN Application Coordinator will contact the caseworker to set up an interview with the applicant and the Phased IN interview team. If this is an out of region placement, interviews should be set up via video conference.