Can we count you IN?

"Blessed are those who defend justice and do what is right." 
                                                                           - Psalms 106:3

Thank you for your gift to Phased IN. Your support means that we can continue to go ALL out so our most vulnerable will be all IN!

18 for 18

"I want to be 1 of the 1800!"

There is so much hurt and disappointment in the lives of aged out foster
youth. Phased IN is committed to giving back the 18 years that many of our residents never had. With your partnership, care, and generous support, they can rebuild their broken lives and find hope.  

Our goal is to reach 1800 people that will promise to give $18 a month in support of Phased IN.  

Your $18 a month gift will help our sons and soon-to-be daughters:

•Achieve self-sufficiency and stability

•Learn the life skills that will help them build a better life

•Build and experience healthy social and family relationships

•Reach their educational and vocational goals

Please help us continue protecting the unprotected by mailing your check to:

Phased In, PO Box 3647, Wichita Falls, TX  76301-0647 or clicking on the link below to give online.

Learn more about why you can be confident in giving to Phased IN.

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    We were approved in 2014 as a public charitable organization. Our status as a (C)3 non-profit organization has never changed, so you can be confident in giving to Phased IN. We participate in an voluntary audit performed by a neutral third party CPA. Want to see it? Just ask.

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